*a cup of stories* by fariba mosleh

Well, I have to confess that it´s been quite a long time without a blog-entry, BUT there are still a lot of things going on (at least behind the scenes) ... 
This time I would like to invite you to a talk of mine at TBA21 Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary Augarten / Vienna.
I am invited to talk at the series A cup of Stories #2 about my personal approach to the work with people of diverse backgrounds focusing the book project Vienna Chinatown INvisible.
Looking forward to share some stories with you***

Thanx to Jana Araj and Mo Bu

the good the bad and the art* by fariba mosleh

Frankly? Within this huge amount of spaces, exhibits, galleries, artists and museums, I´ve to confess that there is a lot of artistically worthless, superficial, self-fulfilling garbage on display. Yes, considering the multitude of art shown and artists based in this town, the average quality of contemporary art´s exhibitions is not that convincing. But without being super pessimistic I´d like to point to some great shows I´ve seen those days.

Finally I made it to one of the most promising and seemingly exciting galleries in Bushwick - CLEARING. I didn´t get disappointed, but was really surprised by the clear performative statement of the French artist Lili Reynaud-Dewar´s exhibition I Sing The Body Electric
To see Hans Schärer´s over 100 paintings entitled Madonna at the Swiss Institute in Soho, a governmental representational institution with a quite contemporary open-minded approach, (also concerning the talks, lectures, and performances they organize) was really a pleasure.

The 3o year old(!) Postmasters Gallery in Soho surprised me with the group exhibition this is smaller than this one staging 28 sculptures and objects by young emerging as well as highly established artists and revealing quite specific and currently underrepresented perspectives.

La Mama Galleria last weekend showed four performances under the title again! again! again!. Two or the pieces, performed by quite young artists, completely caught me. Sara Grace Powell in the role of a CEO gave us a humorous but well researched and further invented insight into the possibilities of art supporting companies targeting the market driven art apparatus. Sophia Le Fraga´s anti-play UND3RGR0UND L0V3R5 was strongly pointing to contemporary´s youth culture surrounding human interactions via the medium of smartphones and so called social media, what was unusually funny!  

Last but not least, yesterday opened Eva Kot´átková´s solo exhibition ERROR at the gallery of ISCP New York. The czech artist presents her research and performance related objects, installations and video developed during her artist residency at Bohnice mental hospital last fall.

OK, it´s just great to explore New York´s neither starting nor ending art and culture productions :)

*bliZZart* by fariba mosleh

Finally, the big incredible snowstorm or blizzard makes me doing things I should have done for a long while. Ok, I´ve to confess that I recently have been kind of neglecting this blog regarding my explorations of New York City; instead I´ve not been laid back, but quite actively checking out the diverse, overwhelming and endless cultural production in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens.
As one of the new artists at ISCP told me that she actually has been following my text on the never ending art story, I would love to share my recent experiences with you. I´ll give you some insight into my visits of art institutions, museums, galleries, artist-run and project spaces through a compact overview and a summery about what´s going on here ...
First of all, what I come up with represents a tiny little part of what´s all year round going on in this city.
One thing I very quickly learned here - New York is not the city that never sleeps. Concerning the art world there are very strict rules - opening receptions are restricted to a two hour session mostly between 6 and 8pm. Then you are kindly ask to leave ... What a difference to Austria.
Let´s dive into it ...

In this city there are several areas where you can go from street to street and into one exhibition after the other. I show you my personal favorites at the moment.
Before we go to Manhattan we have a view onto it via Socrates Sculpture Park in Queens, a great public space which celebrates its 30th anniversary in 2016. Each year it hosts young emerging artists to experiment with building permanent as well as temporary installation and sculpurtes in a wonderful park on the riverside.

Off to Manhattan. 
Though I am not a big fan of the Chelsea galleries as this area looks like a large scale art fair - each buildings hosts a massive gallery which appears like a booth - naturally there are many exciting solo shows on display. Lucy and Jorge Orta just opened their first solo exhibition in New York at the Jane Lombard Gallery. Antarctica leads you via highly aesthetic installations into the unknown world of their expedition to the south pole in 2007 and for me is a must see.
To the south of Chelsea, we can´t pass it, the huge Renzo Piano-designed Whitney Museum arises on the Hudson Riverside. Even though it´s far too monumental and overloaded with too many works the Frank Stella Retrospective is more than worth seeing. I am especially attracted to his early (black)paintings and the small wall installations of the 1960s - appearing as kind of scetches for the large ones which were following.
What really attracted me was the the video installation Everything and More by the extremely young and perfectionist artist Rachel Rose; the site-specific work is not only aesthetically appaling but takes you beyond the beautiful onto a journey rethinking human´s voracious desires

To Soho we go.
Starting with a visit of the Donald Judd House in 101 Spring Street, which completely blew my mind. This visionist spacial and artistic thinking is crazy. Judd bought this five story, former textile factory in 1968 for $ 68.000 and made an incomparable working, showing and living space out of it. This building limited to guided tours by appointment is an absolute must for art and design lovers visiting New York.
Louise Despont´s latest work is presented at the Drawing Center in a very thoughtful architectural intervened space. Entering the exhibition you are invited to take off your shoes and linger. I especially appreciate Despont for inviting the conceptual artist Aaron Taylor Kuffner for perfectly complements the drawings.
Next street, the Collective Total Effekt consisting of three Swedish artists is currently hosted by Recess working process-oriented on their Living magazine. You are welcome to visit them in there working and presenting space throughout their residency.
Peter Freeman Gallery shows the New York based American artist Alex Hey´s works from the 1960s to the present in the large scale but really worth visiting exhibition Circumstances.

My Lower East Side of town.
Well, Gallery128 does not currently convince me with its program, but I really appreciate this space, as it is run by an impressing Japanese artist, who has been the former assistant of Sol LeWitt. She takes risk in her space showing diverse people and told me that her gallery is the oldest in the Lower East Side - the area I love most for exploring contemporary art in New York. Among other shows and spaces which are currently worth to see there is Chuck Manion`s work at Turn Gallery. The adventurous gallerist celebrates this tiny but very welcoming gallery´s first aniversary right now. Manion, who turned to commercial fishing not willing of being part of the art world game, was now invited to show his quite unique abstract picture language at Turn; there he shows oil paintings on different kind of nets over selfmade wooden strechters. Turn Gallery´s next opening is on February 24th presenting the first solo show by the wonderful Swedish sculptor Carl Boudart, resident at ISCP.
Just around the corner, the New Museum interacts with it´s audience through the Mexican artist Pia Camil´s show A pot for a Latch. More or less daily objects of life are installed in the ground floor´s gallery and will be developed through Saturday and Sunday exchange sessions.

Back over the Williamsburg Bridge.
Besides, the many spaces I have been introducing to concerning Brooklyn´s vast exhibition scene at the moment there is Nona Faustine´s solo show at the studio program Smack Mellon. I have seen one of her White Shoes pieces before at the Studio Museum and love this work dealing with New Yorks past and present of slavery and everyday´s racism in a very sensitive vulnerable way.

Sad but true in times like these where daily informal as well as institutionalized racism is flourishing again and (not only) in the center of Europe we need works like those - facing social realities!


Mo.ë Vienna in danger* by fariba mosleh

One of Vienna's most active art spaces in recent years is in danger of loosing its space with the end of the year due to real estate issues. Cultural and spatial politics of Vienna are asked! 
So before going onto christmas holidays stay together and fight for keeping this thrilling and lively space of contemporary art in Vienna alive! SIGN the petition and bring in your ideas.
More information: www.moe-vienna.org

never ending art story* by fariba mosleh

First of all - I know I am switching between languages; that refers to the estimated readers ... or my feelings at this moment ;)

It was never intended to develop a blog spreading the experiences of my stay in New York City and therefore this has no regularity.
However, the days are passing by and I have the opportunity to get in touch with so many super crazy wonderful things, institutions, spaces, people, initiatives that I would like to share this with people interested in to art and culture*
Friends ask me if I have time to explore NYC besides working here at ISPC; the great thing is that exploring the art world is part of my work and my leisure time. Haven´t been to Manhatten for several days as the there is so much great stuff to discover in Brooklyn and Queens.

On Thursday we made a little gallery tour and just within a 15 minute walking distance from our working space at ISCP we visited 5 different galleries in our Bushwick neighborhood. Each space highly professional with exciting program and artists represented. From Transfer Gallery showing the „Digital Museum of digital Art“, to the high end Bushwick space of Luhring Augustine Gallery showing Rachel Whiteread, heading to the special cool Interstate Gallery showing younger artist´s site specific works. Last station are two quite different galleries in the same building around the corner; the Nurture Gallery introducing us into there great non-for-profit work and sophisticated educating program with local schools. Finally we saw Arnold Mesches – 75 Years of Works on Paper at Life on Mars.
Although it was raining and everyone of us was soaking wet already at the second station of this tour, it is so exciting what´s going on here that I can´t get cold. I admire those people beeing so brave to open up spaces with individual, unique and specific profiles, working sophisticated with heart and belief into the art. Just inspiring* 

To get a deeper insight in how are all these spaces evolving I went on a small Williamsburg artist studio and project tour visiting four female artists in their studios and shows in this Brooklyn hotspot. Starting at El Museo de los Sures with Natasha John-Messenger, visiting the Canadian artist Louise Belcourt in her wonderful live and work studio, then getting a tour through her first solo exhibition at Journal Gallery by the French artist Agathe Snow before we got introduced into the work of Daphne Fitzpatrick. There is so much to say about those people and there works that I prefer to let the pictures talk for the first insight ...

And as this would not be enough on Sunday I discovered an immense art and culture venue in a former door producing factory in my neighborhood (!!!) which completely blew my mind. The Knockdown Center knocked me up. Incredibly cool, open-minded and motivated people are developing here something that is even for NYC extradinary, not only in it´s space dimensions but also in it´s open-minded and cool approach ...

By the way, today we were heading out of town up north for a field trip to Dia: Beacon, a massive museum showing large scale classics ranging from Sol Lewitt, Walter de Maria, Josef Buys to Agnes Martin and my favourite Louise Bourgeois

It´s a never ending story ...


Streaming Vienna Chinatown INvisible by fariba mosleh

Für alle, die es gestern nicht sehen konnten - hier online für eine Woche:

Ich schau mir den Beitrag jetzt auch endlich an ... eins kann ich schon verraten nachdem ich heute die erste von 4 Chinatowns in New York ausgekundschaftet habe - There is no Chinatown in town ... ;) bis bald***

For everyone who couldn´t make it today - here online for a week:

Now I am also finally going to watch the documentary on my book - after checking out the first of 4 Chinatowns in New York I might already reveal one thing - There is no Chinatown in town ... See you***

Check this out by fariba mosleh

I am really happy to work with a great team at an incredibly exciting art institution in Brooklyn, New York. For everyone who wants to get to know more about whats going on here at ISCP check out the FALL OPEN STUDIOS this weekend.
35 international artists and curators open their studios in give insight in their current work. Some impressions from the internal preview yesterday ... See you there*

ON SET by fariba mosleh

Vienna Chinatown INvisible. Eine Reise durch das chinesische Wien wurde quasi verfilmt.
Der Dreh für die ORF Produktion Heimat Fremde Heimat über mein Buch und AustroChinesInnen in Wien ist abgeschlossen. Bin gespannt wie´s gesendet wird***
Sonntag, 15. November 2015, 13:30 /ORF 2 (und eine Woche online).
Danke an das super Team und alle ProtagonistInnen für´s Mitmachen!

Vienna Chinatown INvisible. A journey through Chinese Vienna has been filmed. The shooting for the ORF production Heimat Fremde Heimat about my book and Austro-Chinese in Vienna has been completed. I am excited how it will be broadcasted***
Sunday, Nov. 15th 2015, 1:30 pm / ORF 2 (and online for a week).  
Thanx to the great team and all the protagonists for being part of it!