Moving ON* / by fariba mosleh

I would like to introduce you to the work of Chen, Dai-Roo 陳代如  - a Taipei based artist who became part of our project. Dai is Master of Fine Arts of the University of Taipei, in her recent art works she is dealing with socio-political relationships within her family´s history focussing related objects and architecture through the media of photography and installation. For W(H)O IS WU? Dai has provided abstract, architectural parts of her quatriptychon series dealing with her grandfather, a former Chinese general and their personal relationship. These photos depict parts of former military housings around Taipei, which nowadays are left abandoned. Dai herself has recently started to work with photo-overpainting, so we are not only having an interesting exchange concerning the content but also the media of overworking photography itself.

Florian Nitsch has started working with their dialogue´s impressions and these photos; through overpainting them a quite intimate and sensitive cooperation is in progress.

Meanwhile we have closed down our temporary open studio at Wolong29. We had an intensive and fruitful working time in that oldest house of National Taipei University of Education (former dormitory of teachers, dating back to Japanese occupation period). Some works are already finished, some artists are continuing to work on their contributions for the exhibition.