ART-Quickie* / by fariba mosleh


10 days in Taipei. After writing many mails,  having lots of appointments with local artists, curators and staff at art institutions as well as visiting art museums, artist villages, off-spaces and on-spaces in downtown and suburban areas we finally found a great space for becoming our temporary studio for working on our project W(H)O IS WU?

臥龍二九(Wolong 29) Gallery offers us their space for the following weeks, where we will welcome local artists to work together with us, examining and developing our concept and producing an exciting transcultural dialogue via mixed artistic media.

Our trip to Taipei and the project involved turns out to be a kind of art-quickie - by the means of exploring the local contemporary art scene in terms of on- and off-spaces, art students, graduates and international artists as well as theorists and curators within a very short time. On the one hand it can just be an research onto a certain level, but we are very thankful for the Taipei-based cultural producers who provide us a deeper understanding not just of the art scene but also Taiwan and its people in general.