Taipei artist challenge* / by fariba mosleh

The development of our project concerning the collaboration with the compatible artists is really exciting. Yesterday we made a great experience.

After an intense and interesting talk the Taiwanese artist 丘智華 Chiu Chih-Hua, current resident at Bamboo Curtain Studio will be the first artist who is fixed for the project W(H)O IS WU? 

We are very happy about the fact that the works Chiu provides for W(H)O IS WU? really fit into the conceptual contents Florian Nitsch dealed within his recent works and therefore is an authentic continuation of their artistic practice.
Chiu´s topics are dealing with urbanity, architecture and distance to everyday life. Although he loves the countryside he works with the meanings of the city in his artworks - with his own constructed Taipei in a sensitive and highly qualitative way. Taipei gets more quiet, clean and less of advertisement. Perfect for Florian to overwork it and reuse Chiu´s concept again in another way.

Looking forward to the cooperation*
AND to moving into our temporary studio at 臥龍二九 Wolong29 tomorrow*

By the way today we found out that Florian Nitsch is one of the possible WU but that´s another story ...

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