Artists in W(H)O IS WU? - Part 2 / by fariba mosleh

The Taiwanese photographer Chi, Erh-Hsuen 紀而 contributes to our projects through providing original works of his 2014 black and white series of photographic quotes of urban daily life in Taiwan. These still lifes show different series of food-related issues, boxes as the icon of international exchange for instance. The analog and self-developed photos deal with contrasts and composition. There are no humans to see on the photos, but they are present through their traces of leftover food or arrangements of tables, seats and so on. The pics show dynamics, multiple senses and uses of objects and therefore is a quite exciting series to be over-worked and get in dialogue with another artist´s perspective.

Concerning the selection of local artists I have do state that as in my former exhibitions and interview series in Vienna - the focus lies on so called INvisible (or emerging) Artists - young, ambitious artistic positions of artists that have a serious artistic practice after finishing their academic education. Nevertheless mostly they do not yet have a great visibility within the international art scene or the art market. 

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