EUtopia* / by fariba mosleh

Meanwhile we have been living in Brussels for two months already***
The perfect time to focus the initial idea of leaving Austria for a while and researching on this European thought as a contra statement and vision against the European-wide growth of populist politics and nationalism like in Austria. As already stated in the first blog entry I’ve had a ambiguous relation to the idea of Europe and the Union as I prefer a global thinking and citizenship. Still, in times like those I feel like a European more than ever before. This residency in Brussels shall add to my transnational view and reception, in the private as well as professional sense. And, I want to forward this idea and everything surrounding this discourse. Through the discourse on this transnational approaches I got to know other people and initiatives who believe in the chances of a united Europe.
Hence, I became a member of the EUROPEAN REPUBLIC which will be officially proclaimed through the European Balcony Project on November 10th 2018 at 4pm from balconies and in public spaces all over Europe. The project was initiated by the political scientist, Ulrike Guérot, the author, Robert Menasse, and the theatre maker, Milo Rau. Background of the idea of a united European Republic is the fact that there exists a common market as well as a common currency within the EU, so this project promotes the aim of sharing a common democracy - a United Europe of cultural diversity beyond nation states with equal rights and opportunities for all its citizens***
This might be a EUtopie — but it’s about spreading a positive and transnational dialogue on the possible future of Europe!

Es lebe die Republik Europa!

Long lives the Republic of Europe!

Vive la République Européene!


studioOne will participate at the Balcony Project with an event at our studio in Brussels. We’ll proclaim the European Republic by reading the manifeste the 10th of November at 4pm - further details coming soon - safe the date*

For further information on the European Balcony Project download the press release here: PR

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