#weproclaim ed*** / by fariba mosleh

Welcome to the Republic of Europe!
During days where constant negative perspectives on the future of our nation states, the continent and the whole world are defining our media, we took the chance and shared a beautiful moment with diverse people proclaiming the European Republic within the European Balcony Project yesterday in Saint Gilles, Brussels.
This EUtopean idea of a shared Republic with equal rights and status of all people living on this continent as a positive and logic answer to all of these nationalistic tendencies in Europe picks me personally exactly up where I am currently standing mentally - so it was clear we gonna proclaim the European Republic in our Brussels’s Studio Apartment with all the other over 100 participating initiatives all over Europe. Several people of diverse backgrounds and generations joined the informal event and read out the manifesto in 7 languages - one after the other as well as simultaneously together, what was really touching. The discourse was opened up on the prospects of the future of Europe - a political event accompanied by positive vibes and a European pumpkin soup ;)
Thanx to the everyone to come and celebrating these ideas with exciting dialogues in a great atmosphere!

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