Working*Title*Festival / by fariba mosleh

WorkSpaceBrussels is a really great organisation which facilitates artists of diverse disciplines (with a slight focus to performing arts) with space, network, funding, cooperation partners or the like. They are cooperating with several smaller and larger institutions in Brussels (and beyond) like Kaai Theatre, Kanal Centre Pompidou or Les Brigittines, and they are working with local as well as international artists.
Twice a year WorkSpaceBrussels offers a wonderful chance for the audience as well as the artists with the WorkingTitleFestival - as the heading already reveals, the one-weekend long festival is meant to open the artists’ studios and give the interested crowd the possibility to get into touch with their current work in progress. I find this approach quite nice on several levels - the artists kind of have to sum up their work in a interim’s stadium, they can reflect upon their work with visitors and colleges, and there are maybe producers, curators, gallerists, collectors passing by … so it can mean a drive for their work in progress.

For me it was a special pleasure to visit Flup Marinus and his brother Tuur Marinus, who are current residents. I’ve been working with Flup a year ago for an exhibition in Vienna at Krinzinger Projekte. Now the brothers are working on the quite exciting Stereoscope Project using a 100-year old kind of first 3D photographs and transforming them via painting into contemporary 3D photo objects.
Further we got an impression L’Océan, a performative project the artist Clara Guémas is working on. She works with and researches on newcomers in Brussels and their views on certain issues, perspectives and backgrounds.
At the studio of Antje van Wichelen we confronted ourselves with past, present and future possibilities of face surveillance and the indexing of face categorization linked to stereotype classification - The recognition machine.

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