surprise*surprise / by fariba mosleh

Exactly when you are completely fed up with those boring and mediocre gallery presentations, you enter a high-end Brussels gallery for the first time and can’t stop stunning!
This happened to me last Thursday at the opening of the artist’s couple Martine Feipel & Jean Bechamail at Galerie Valérie Bach. In the Saint Gilles neighbourhood street you enter a nice building and can’t believe which architectural treasure is situated behind this walls!
More than a 100 years ago this fantastic hall with wooden ceiling has been a skating rink - La Patinoire Royale. Beautiful*
Well, there war also an exhibition … and that one was surprisingly good showing Constructivist, Bauhaus and Modernism inspired installations in the space and on the walls which deal with the industrial robotic under the title Automatic Revolution.

And, in the end happened something so us, which I dare to say barely would happen in all the other cities I’ve been visiting exhibition openings at galleries like those (where the personnel is just looking into their MAC-computer and neither drinks nor finger foods is offered) - the two renown artists start approaching and an interesting conversation with you. Therefore I really love Brussels! So diverse, open minded, accessible and friendly people are living here, locals, internationals, and from all kinds of social backgrounds … That’s one thing what makes Brussels for me a European city, the capital.

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