Sculpture Park Middelheim Museum* / by fariba mosleh

Having two kids who are already quite resistent to the suggestion of visiting an exhibition means to look for alternative ways of exploring contemporary art together. What’s then better than a public sculpture park open for everyone in a beautiful natural setting? Middelheim Museum in Antwerp is the answer. This huge park opened to the public already in the early 1950ies displays an incredible collection of outdoor sculptures from inter/national artists. I especially liked that they are having artist residencies which invite artists to go into dialogue with the collection and show interventions in the park as Ria Pacquée currently does in a fantastic way. Besides Pacquées’ interventions like the clocks on the trees, I very much loved the Tennismuur by Ann Veronica Janssens, which is in heavy use by locals. Further the installation of Pedro Cabrita Reis The Passage of the House is really beautiful and fits perfectly into the suburban setting of Middelheim. There are more than 200 art works on display - definitely worth a looong visit*

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