Open house @ KNUSTfestival & Sonata eve* by fariba mosleh

KNUSTfestival at Quai Hainaut is going into its final week. On Saturday they opened the doors for exhibitions and performances. The collective Trepkodouné, Boryana Todorova and Yumi Osanai, were performing in dialogue with the in-situ installation Recto Versus Verso from Florian Nitsch.

From the performance at KNUST we were hopping directly to the concert of violinist Julia Weeda and pianist Didel Bish, which I organized at our dear neighbour’s L’atelier Bonamin. It was a simply beautiful sonata evening. I am mostly working within contemporary art, the more I enjoy to get in touch with classical music from time to time.

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KNUST not KUNSTEN by fariba mosleh

There is a new festival in this town of festivals! This week the doors of former Design Depot at Quai du Hainaut opened its doors for the first addition of KNUST Festival, Brussels Transversal Arts for which about 60 artists and collectives from diverse disciplines were selected for a 5-weeks residency and the development of sight specific interrelated artistic production. During this weeks the artists gonna work in this huge abandoned building with an incredibly thrilling architecture and on weekends a whole lot of program will be presented full of performances, concerts, exhibitions, workshops and exciting interventions. The whole festival relates somehow to this year’s Bauhaus’ anniversary and its Gesamtkunstwerk approach. I am very curious what there is to discover over the coming weeks … and definitely also because of the participation of Florian Nitsch with the project Recto Versus Verso.

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