*homo deus frankenstein* by fariba mosleh

Wuhu* what a special pleasure to see the wonderful Austrian dancer Martina Rösler performing in the Austro-Belgian production for youngsters 8+ HOMO DEUS FRANKENSTEIN with my daughter Flora at Bronks Theater Brussels. The Austrian director Sara Ostertag (makemake produktionen) and the Belgian director Johan De Smet (Kopergietery) joined for a performance based on the topics of Goethe’s Faust, Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein and Harari’s Homo Deus to bring it into absolute present age. Dance meets drama (with Belgian actress Marjan De Schutter), video projections and a composition by Belgian composer Frederik Neyrinck for the five musicians of I SOLISTI ensemble. These seem to be the ingredients for dealing with the important questions of past and present, constant change, humans versus robots and of how becoming better versions of ourselves.
The great live sound and the perfect scenography are immediately convincing. They let the viewer dive into the piece on a beautiful and light-footed journey through our and especially our young generation’s seemingly most difficult and unanswered themes of a common future***

Check out Schäxpir Theatre Festival for young audience for performances of Homo Deus Frankenstein in Austria in June 2019.
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