Final week of kunsten19*** by fariba mosleh

The 24th kunstenfestivaldesartes, first edition under the direction of Sophie Alexandre, Daniel Blanga Gubbay and Dries Douibi went through its final days.
For me the final week started with the heavy theatre production Congo from Faustin Linyekula at KVS Box. The choreographer and dancer shared the stage with a Congolese singer and one actor staging a powerful performance retelling a specific period at the end of the 19th century in the history of the today Democratic Republic of Congo. Over two hours Congolese French was a bit frustrating, to be sincere, but it were multi-faceted insistent pieces of history the three performers where confronting us with. To put it in their words:
“Le Congo, ça n'existe pas. Il n’y a qu’un fleuve et la grande forêt.”
In Phantom Bird Monira Al Qadiri is reflecting upon her diversified background through the transferring Japanese necromancy onto her relation with Saudi ancestors. Although the piece had especially in the digital-visual sense appealing approaches it felt somehow unfinished and like a work-in-process, but maybe thats how conversation with ancestors works? It was definitely fascinating that there were five languages on stage (spoken Japanese and Arabic, subtitles in English, French and Flemish) - that’s BXL, love it*
Thomas Melle’s & Rimini Protokoll’s production Uncanny Valley for me personally was surprisingly good. As artificial intelligence and robots are not so my topic I wasn’t expecting anything. Hence this kind of roboted lecture performance was fantastic and picked me up exactly where I stand with my digital negation strategy.
Before the closing party we saw the young autodidact Iranian dancer Sorour Darabi’s piece Savušun سووشوون dealing with Persian mourning rituals referring to personal body and gender issues. I like its simplicity concerning the setting and use of material. Darabi comes up with quite strong gestures, the initial and final sound which accompanies these gestures goes over into one’s body. It makes curious to see more, even though the text passages and some other dramaturgical approaches weakened the performance a bit.
Three weeks of performance / theatre festival are over … I very much appreciated the atmosphere in which it was taking place. Very cool, unexcited and relaxed. The festival centre in Molenbeek at Recyclart was great and the framework program was in frequent use, all collaborators, team members spread good vibes and seem to have created and opened up spaces which will exist beyond the festival … congrats*

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*finally in the intoxication of KUNSTENFESTIVALDESARTES 2019* by fariba mosleh

What exciting times for experimental theatre and performance enthusiasts, professionals and those who will become it - the unique kunstenfestivaldesartes opened its 3-weeks program this weekend with many premiers, encounters, parties in cultural spots on many places all over the city and at this year's festival centre Recyclart in Molenbeek and the adjacent Charleroi danse

Besides my own work for the festival I saw Norwegian theater maker Mette Edwardsen's new piece Penelope Sleeps with composer Matteo Fargion and the singer Angela Hicks at Kaaitheater. It’s a perfectly staged, calm poetic work with an appealing touch of humor. Not only dealing with literature referring to Odysseus' Penelope waiting for her husband, but also coming up with questions on contemporary opera with the aria of the singer.

Personally most thrilling was obviously the Belgian premier of Federico León’s work Yo escribo, vos dibujas with my daughter Flora :) … I like this complex piece on synchronicity each time a see it even more.
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Meanwhile also the Wiener Festwochen have been opened - first time under the artistic direction of former kunstenfestivaldesarts maker Christophe Slagmuylder. Serveral productions from kunsten will also be shown there, as Federico León’s work for instance.

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*an exciting journey* by fariba mosleh

Meanwhile the rehearsal for Federico León’s production Yo escribo, vos dibujás at Les Halles de Schaerbeek has started. 23 locals are going on a journey with 2 professionals and a team of theater makers from Argentina and Belgium. It is always exciting and very special for every participant to be part of an community engaged art project. This piece is one of them and I can tell you that much - it’s a unique piece for actors as well as for the audience.
Flora will perform within this piece the 11th and 12th of May 3pm and the 13th of May 8:30pm.
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Greetings from kunsten ... by fariba mosleh

… it’s official, after the casting the end of March Flora will be part of Federico León’s production Yo escribo. Vos dibujás at this year’s kunstenfestivaldesartes, opening the 10th of May. Greetings from the kick-off at the kunsten office in a welcoming atmosphere full of pleasant anticipation. Rehearsal starts next week … so does my work for the festival …

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Today* casting... by fariba mosleh

Today casting at MILL STUDIO, the rehearsal spaces of the renown Need Company for Argentinean author, theater and movie director Federico León’s production Yo escribo. Vos dibujás. It will be shown at this year’s edition of kunstenfestivaldesartes in May. León works with two Argentinean professional artists and with 23 local performers, professionals and non-professionals, kids, skaters, elderlies, etc. They’ll work together and develop the piece on-sight within ten days. Besides Brussels, it’s gonna be staged in Buenos Aires, Porto and at the Wiener Festwochen, at each location with 23 locals.
Well, it’s not me, who came for the casting … it’s my daughter Flora … she says, she has a good feeling*
to be continued ;)

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