BUNCH OF KUNST / by fariba mosleh

Musique au cinéma, an exciting format at Cinéma Aventure in Brussels.
I saw them last year at their first concert in Vienna at Flex and it simply blew my mind away - fantastic sound by beatmaker Andrew Fearn and incredible lyrics plus performance by Jason Williamson. Together these two English guys form SLEAFORD MODS and with their manager Steve Underwood they took on the music business on their very own grass-roots terms. They’ve won ever growing attention throughout Britain, Europe and beyond within the last 4 to 5 years through creating a simply unique and contemporary form of punk rock.
Christine Franz, German director, accompanied them at the perfect period of time on the edge of bedroom recording, part-time musicians performing in tiny bars till their absolute break-through at Glastonbury Festival 2016 - which concluded in a fantastic documental portrait.

by Christina Franz 2017

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