The art guru* / by fariba mosleh

Last Thursday I went to the first gallery opening in this very young year and it was also my first time at this gallery called Damien and the love Guru in my neighborhood, which I pass nearly everyday.
10th of January - when I reached the building and saw the incredible big crowd in front of and in the gallery it seemed that these young hipsters literally were following the call of a guru. It was hardly possible to enter the gallery or walk through the group show, see the works or to realize what’s going on in the performance … I can see the works another day … I assume the party mood is linked to the fact that there is an art school in the same street and it’s students are part of the show … the works itself don’t tell anything so far, except that I can’t find a link to the stated curatorial background of Timothy Morton’s thoughts on the future.

I know - it’s always a lot easier to criticize (in a non-constructive way), but I am gradually getting frustrated about such weak and powerless gallery presentations - even though the huge audience had a great start into a long night.

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